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Family, friends, animals, spouse, and myself. Productivity time set aside as no lazy day can be outlived more than 2 days [ a weekend perharps?]

Active Interests

Selling without a pitch

When one requires a mind map to understand your thoughts - how brilliant is it in disguise?

To not only help oneself, but others as well. How, and Why - are unnecessary specifics.


We should not HAVE to pay, to stay alive.

We should not FEAR tomorrow, because of life being unpredictable.

How about being exhilirated every morning, and doing 'work', because it is our passion to do what we do. Why not wake up feeling fulfilled, and ready to OWN THIS?!


Make a difference... No matter how small.

People usually buy from people. Should they like you, the chance is greater they'll make the purchase.


However, either the person really has no choice but to buy it from you, eg: they truly just gots to have the product as you are the only one supplying it.


Or, your service is absolutely excellent and unmatched by your competition.


Deeds, and products speak louder than words.


Adrenaline pumped equestrian sport - to a precious hobby, and regular exercise with my oldest friend.

Anything, everything, over here, and somewhere over there. My rabbit hole had developed into a muddle of wonderous, brave, eclectic yet traditional styled design which include, but aren't limited to - interiors, furniture, photography, graphic design, architecture, landscape, social structures, systems, procedures, sustainable design - represented by modern society. Identifying mindsets -

And finding the loop hole.

a horse is my happy place

the trend

a bigger picture

quality time 

developing mindfulness


I am fascinated that there's nothing actively bein done amongst communities to help preserve historical homesteads / buildings [RSA]. No matter the 'effort' or cost - but rather culutural and architectural enrichment for future generations and living posibilities.


"Older buildings were built to last" - as the whisper tales.