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I'm Ruejean Kotze


At University we were enlightened with the fact that Interior Architecture refers to a temporary notion taking place within a designated space. With the intention to alter the way people use the space. How they interact with it. What the atmosphere should be; as well as the influence the design might have on any user with their time spent.


It is an extremely exciting and technical discipline, which consists of numerous specialised branches - each with their own care to specific detail. I love it !! There is always something new to read about, and the more you know (learn,) the more you have to work (design) with. 


Learn from anyone and in turn become known within the industry. I personally enjoy observing numerous design characteristics (styles), and learning from on-site experiences.

Design is a proposed lifestyle, touching lives every day. The profession is no easy thing to master - making it that much more demanding and exciting to be a part of.

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Goal driven

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