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To fully understand the purpose of this exciting platform, something has to first be shared with you. Should you have a few minutes to spare, kindly read the letter below.


A bit or reading is involved, do not rush.

Make sure you understand what you are reading.


Should you be looking for something new - this might be it.

Or could be the start?


It is adressed to you, just as much as it is adressed to me.

And with time, this platform will be filled with rich exciting content, inspiring change to anyone daring enough.



I am a qualified Interior Architect [25].

To actively design intricate spaces with attention to detail and user reinterpretations on a larger scale - is something I look forward to within my career.

An opportunity as an external sales executive arose - allowing me to represent products and services to all professionals within the built-environment; who I am fortunate enough to meet. It became evident that the industry was (and is still) suffering. Be it the recession - making people more cautious about spending their money; or be it too many designers for too few clients? So many more questions, which I do not have the answers to.


How deep does the rabbit hole go?

The Concept

The years spent at university are held dear to this day. What I did not know at the time, was that a burning desire to know more about design was being developed within my mind - more specifically towards Interior Architect's meaning and possibilities within life. A desire to exceed the norm, and become a part of something greater than what the world had expected.



Responsibilities occupy most of my time and money, leaving me broke and exhausted. Stuck within an ugly loop. Is this what it means to be alive; Disconnected pieces all mushed together?

  • Work (career)
  • Family (personal relationships you cherish)
  • Personal (knowledge, health, interest, music, aspirations)

There seems to be not enough time to sufficiently invest in either one of those categories. I am searching for the balance in which all categories are actively accommodated for, within daily living.

I am priviledged to be employed at an exciting company, indirectly assiting me to reach a better understanding about the building industry. I love what I do. However, I have depleted most online platforms for daily inspirations, as well as finding pleasant visual distractions from reality for sufficient dreaming. Frustration creeped in faster than expected - as design analysis was limited to only the visual ques I was able to assume from each carefully staged image.

    Life Happened

    The following platforms are only a few of the many I have been a part of and frequently observing :





    Design Thinking

    Design Mind

    Observe Design



    Life of an Architect

    Open Architecture

    Design Matters

    The Futur


    Without stabilised funds, I am unable to register at any professional bodies for representation, support, and a community to feel a part of.

    • iid - The African Institute of Interior Design Professions
    • IFI - International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers ( representing idda on a global scale)
    • iida - International Interior Design Association
    • SACAPSA - South African Council for the Architectural Profession
    • PIA - Pretoria Institue of Architecture
    • GBCSA - Green Building Council of South Africa
    • SAIA - South African Institue of Architecture

    At university we had learnt how we all should work on making Interior Architecture an official profession. Now, everyone is doing the same thing, whilst some call themselves particular terms - incorrectly justifying their capabilities.

    • Textile diploma does not make you an Interior Designer. A curator or stylist perhaps? Why not take pride within your specialised expertise and develop your own true term?
    • Draughties, trying to play the role of the architect.
    • Developers cutting out the middle man.


    It is annoying, noticing that everybody is doing exactly the same as his neighbouring firm. What could the reasons possibly be? Has the end consumer corrupted our way of doing business?

    • Be it good / bad?
    • Unrealistic time constraints preventing innovative design?
    • Budget constraints vs. unrealistic expectations?
    • Hoping to stay ' safe', and re-do techniques you are familiar with?
    • Have you been burnt by unethical practice?
    • Is the firm too afraid to specialise as they might not have as much money nor the interest as they do now?

    Almost every company provides a one stop shop:

    • It is more convenient and controlled that way.
    • Prevents client from wanting to look elsewhere.
    • Innovation is cautiously implemented - as the standard craftsmanship has no honour.
    • It is known that there is a short supply of respect and responsibility taken for work done.

    I have not come across a platform encouraging interaction between creatives regarding a particular topic of interest - to challenge critical thinking; within a relevant context. I know I am not alone.


    The world needs change. Even though money is a necessary commodity, does not mean you should be breathing for the sole purpose of earning more.


    The concept is to inspire critical thinking.


    I will be focused mainly on Interior Architerture's professional development. I understand I cannot attempt to understand its full potential in isolation. I honour each individual who had developed a passion within a specialised piece of the puzzle.


    The concept is about the understanding of critical thinking within both practice and theory, while keeping a balanced lifestyle. The balance is what I am particularly after. I want to inspire the development of one's design insight comfortably and relevant to your current contextual presence; as to inspire you to lead change within your immediate surroundings


    My Opinion Stays one sided

    Design is beautiful, with its roots in everything. From pen and paper, to our cultural and habitual routines. With its complexity, it is easy to feel left behind, lost, confused, and even irrelevant.


    I want to inspire change, as this concept is for us to develop an academic language to discuss design regarding its relevance to human scale and our reasoning for the development of meaning. Everything could be balanced and experienced within a sophisticated manner, should an understanding of all relevant elements be achieved..


    Here, is a virtual studio on which insight can be developed, shared and challenged.

    As sharing of knowledge, allows for faster development and growth.

    And who doesn't like making friends from across the globe?


    Welcome to  i n t e r p r i o r i t y .




    It is never fun, alone

    All I know is that I cannot sit and do nothing while this unbalance keeps hindering the possibility of design vs. daily living. What is currently happening with the industry? Why did the deciding factor end up on cost instead of quality and value. Have they not figured out that it should not be about the money?

    I believe, it should be about the quality and meaning of living; inspired through design. Of course, keeping the client's brief, identity and relevant budget and other restrictions in mind. Surely, transparency regarding limmitations and restrictions can lead to exciting innovation?


    • What was the concept behind each composition?
    • Why did the individual choose that angle/ filter/ focus/ perspective?
    • What had influenced their choice of colour and material palettes and moodboards?
    • What did their concept development drawings look like?
    • What had inspired their way of thinking?
    • What is the individual's personal opinion on life as a creative?
    • How long did it take to complete the project from design development to final installation and implementation?
    • If there were any implications - what were they, and how did you resolve them? and how would you do things differently in the future?
    • How did they want to influence the end user through that particular composition?
    • What did they want to inspire?
    • Critical thinking.
    • A particular experience.
    • Display a Narrative.
    • Fulfill a particular function or purpose only.
    • Attention to detail.


    What I miss most, is the constructive, dinstinctive, and objective driven learning, exercised within a studio environment:

    • Theoretical challenges to inspire critical (problem solving) thinking.
    • Having a comfortable space to play, explore, analyse and develop design - individually as well as within a group (team.)
    • When you had an opinion - you had better made sure it could be substantiated : what had influenced and inspired that way of thinking?
    • Precedent studies analysis, providing valid reasoning for the particular placement of a design feature.
    • Displaying the correct critical reasoning required within a theoretical composition analysing the interior's significant other.
    • Doing feasibility studies about the dimensions within sustainability (social, economical, environmental and personal.)