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01       SKILLS




REVIT 2014 - 2017
























Networking. Networking. Extensive product knowledge. Amazing team.

I am still new at the company, but so far so good. It is sad that I won't necessary do any designs. However, I am allowed to use it as a selling point.

I adore interacting with people. And I am privileged to say that this is the best opportunity I could have asked for. I am learning about problem solving, selling techniques, technical and product knowledge, as well as the dynamic within the built-industry.

I have a vision.

I want you to want to consider my product and services for your next project. Be it as small as a coffee table top - or as large as a complete residential estate...


WOMAG has absolute beautiful products on offer. Quality without a doubt.

Allow me to assist in making your design memorable. 



2017 - PRESENT

gallery/dark beauty granite


The beauty lies in the technical practicality of the design - brought together with an amazing selection (combination) of colours and textures. Each [new] interaction, was another opportunity to offer  value to the customer. It was amazing being trusted for my expertise on what deciding factors are most important to pay attention to - relevant specifically to their brief and available space. Sales aren't supposed to be forced. It is up to the customer whether or not they are willing to pay what our value is worth.


STERLINGS, Bathrooms and Kitchens

2016 - 2017



Duties included handling the switchboard,

admin (filing), sales interactions and completion of quotes. Product (technical) knowledge regarding sanware was obtained while being taught great professionalism, a sense of firmness and honest ethics will secure long-lasting business relationships.


Classic Tradign JHB, Woodmead

2015 - 2016


At University we were enlightened with the fact that Interior Architecture refers to a temporary notion taking place within a designated space. With the intention to alter the way people use the space. How they interact with it. What the atmosphere should be; as well as the influence the design might have on any user with their time spent.


The excitement of the idea (opportunity) to experiment with materials, furniture, colours as well as textures as we did in our briefed projects , is yet to be experienced within the field. It is an extremely exciting and technical discipline, which consists of numerous specialised branches - each with their own care to specific detail. I love it !! There is always something new to read about, and the more you know (learn,) the more you have to work (design) with. 


Before one can attempt to become a great designer- one must first identify how
and why designers become great. Learn from anyone and in turn become known within the industry. I personally enjoy observing numerous design characteristics (styles), but those imagery exposed to the public are mere staged objects, purposefully placed for each photograph.

Design is a proposed lifestyle, touching lives every day. The profession is no easy thing to master - making it that much more demanding and exciting to be a part of.

03       PORTFOLIO

House Anande

Home owner is planning on renovating all the bathrooms - as the house had been partially renovated already. She wanted an outdoor shower to be incorperated as the existing's showers is squeezed into a dark corner. As she was prepared to spend money to get what she wants done properly - I had suggested the toilet to be moved inward (previous shower location); whilst completely demolishing the wal which demarcated the bathroom from the main room - replacing it with a glass panel.

The glass panel to be black framed - and could have frosted patterns.(t.b.c.)


The play of white and grey through the choice of paint colours and that of the metro tiles - has quite a different aesthetic as result.


Tile selection to be reused within the rest of the house - different ways.


Project had been postponed.

Groenkloof, Pretoria


House Maureen

Main bathroom renovation. The home aesthetics is that of deep royal colours, romantic textures, with concrete, steel and wood being the prime materials of use. The client wanted a romantic retreat - being both elegant and beautiful for a man's appeal. 

Their innitial request was to tile the bathroom completely white marble look - which would have been not a good match compared to the rest of the home. After analysing precedents together, we confirmed choosing a darker floor shade would be best; thus ending up with a grey marble look tile with white veings.

Estimated budget -tiles : R 50 000.00


Finished : August, 2017

Rietvallei Rand, Pretoria


House Chris

This home's bathrooms were ready for an update - with the main bathroom already standing bare. The client wanted the tile themes to repeat the current country-vibe within the home's interior.

Estimated budget -tiles : R 35 000.00


Project cancelled due to change of employment.

Mooikloof, Pretoria


House Carin

Newly built residence. Eclectic Industrial themed kitchen. They love to entertain guests - with beautiful pots and wonderful coffee to share for eveyone. This cabinetry range had just launched - and was funky, beautiful, and extremely fun to play around with. Both islands had cabinetry back to back (full and half depth); with drawers located against the walls space. Sufficient storage and  counter space for a vibrant buzzing family.

The estimated budget R 350 000.00


Project cancelled due to change of employment.

Boschkop, Pretoria


House Mary

Home owner of the property for 20 years now. Has been partially renovated already (exterior patio entertainment area.] Brief had included plenty storage; to keep to the theme and style of the home, whilst allowing their daughter to share the space with her homework within the afternoons as well. First proposal was a bit too modern for their taste - thus we went for the real pine cladded waterproofed MDF board.

What started as a small renovation - removing only one wall to open up the kitchen towards the dining... Ended up with the relocation of the back door- to where the pantry and fridge used to be; opening up so much more opportunities for movement to and from the space.

The estimated budget R 280 000.00


Project cancelled due to change of employment.


Boschkop, Pretoria


House Anonymous

These are the design collective I had built thus far within my career. I have been working with both home owners and professionals from the conceptual phase, to building / or renovating, to final installation and implementation of the design.


Each brief had been unique in the sense of desired theme, available budget, willingness to design - and much more.


I had learnt open communication between client and designer; allows for a much more indepth design discovery, with minimal snagging, and a client - who cannot stop smiling.


Involvement with bathroom and kitchen designs.



Xmas Promo Box 

These miscellaneous designs may seem silly within their sporadic randomness - but I love to keep expanding my level of expertise and exposure.

I had such fun designing a Xmas Promo Box for Matrix warehouse Hatfield during the festive season (2015), vs designing a new corporate identity for another(2016.)

Even assisting with display stand floor layouts had its perks and hiccups - no matter how repetitive the task at hand had become.


The Xmas Promo Box design incorporated all necessary competition information, contact information, sufficient sponsor graphics whilst celebrating the overall festivities in aesthetics. The design is paper sufficient - printable on an A4, minimal cutting - sides being interlockable by folding. 200 were created in two days (2015)


Matrix Warehouse Hatfield and Wonder Park


University of Pretoria

If I knew then what I know now, how I would've done things differently. But alas, I was a young and troubled student - who worked it through in the end.

I take pride with what I had achieved at university. Once the true understanding of technical documentation sunk in,  presentation skills, technical detailing, and concept generation became easier to do.


2015 was a remarkable [tough] year. My final third year. I had full-time work, and only had time off to attend classes. With a great mentor, I stayed focused and in turn achieved more detail than ever before within my design. The process of product/ material selections was more sufficient, since I understood the level of insight required on specifications before considering any. Everything within your design should have a purpose and not be a nice addition.


Bachedlor's degree - click here

BSc (int) - Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture


A Corporate identity - a company year end function invitation (2016)


A Corporate identity - a new logo, containing specific letters and colours; not limiting to any specific geographical location (2015)


My own introductory poster for design services offered at the time (2015) 


Defy and Whirlpool showroom stands were designed - brief being as may products, best displayed with the littlest waste. Was fun - however, communication during the project could have been more interactive and transparent. Which would have allowed for much more innovative design.